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Live in Harmony

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Welcome at the website called Live in Harmony (Élj Harmóniában). In this page You can get all the informations about our english classes and courses.


As the world is rushing today, the restoration of harmony is taking an important role int he life of the people. Yoga, meditation and ayurveda are our great help in this attempt. Yoga is a great answer from the ancient times for the problems of the modern life, where this several hundred years old tradicion is lifestyle, phylosophy, meditation, bodily and breath excercise at the same time. Our goal is to inspire and support the curious in a way towards the harmony of the body and soul with our theoretical and practical knowledge and experience.


A familiar living yoga studio  in the heart of the capital, still in a secluded and quiet place. We are waiting for You with small sized groups, with quality teaching in our english language yoga and meditation classes and courses. The one day and also several weeks long courses are  providing the opportunity of getting acquainted with the theoretical and practical basics, increasing and deepening knowledge and yoga practice as well.


If You are busy and You like classes in a familiar atmosphere and You would like to advance in Your own individual speed, according to Your abilities, than the private class and private course are the best option for You.

If You had never done yoga before…

than it could be strange at the beginning, still inspirational. With the following informations we would like to help You to get Your first steps done in order to feel that You are closer to yoga and to it’s beneficial effects.

Don’t worry if You cannot touch the floor from standing position or if You cannot hold the poses too long, because after only a few classes You will begin to feel how Your body is transforming in such a way that You had never imagined.


Private Yoga Class

Hatha yoga, relaxation, meditation , yoga philosophie, breathing
ccording to your needs.

Private class 1 person (90 min.)

20 000 HUF

10 Private class pass

150 000 Ft

Private class 2 person (90 min.)

25 000 HUF


Private Yoga Course

In this course You can get acquainted with the basics of yoga, You can have a glimpse into many aspects of it,


You can learn the physical excercises of yoga and that which kind of effect they have on Your health.By the excersises


You can have a healthier vascular system and digestion, You can get the start of spine problems and back pain,


Your concentration increases and at last but not at least You can deal better with stress.

This course is an open invitation for changing Your way of living!


  • Asana (excersises) – basics for streching and strengtening for the health of body and the spine

  • Breathing – the theory of breathing excersises and acquirement of it’s proper execution

  • Relaxation – the theory of relaxing the whole body and it’s experience

  • Nutrition – the basics of healthy and yogic nutrition

  • Meditation – theoretical and practical informations

  • Stress handling with Yoga

  • The basics of Yogaphylosophy

10* 90 minutes or 2 days weekend course.

Price: 150 000 Ft


Private Meditation Course

Live levelly and happily!In this course You will get the opportunity to know Yourself better and deeper.


You will get acquinted with the basics of meditation - practices and theory also.

You will get the opportunity to prepare for Your practice of meditation at home.

The possibility for happy and harmonious life is dormant in everyone, and You can awake this by turning Your attention inside, towards

Your real self.We are waiting for You in this program :)

10* 90 minutes or 2 days weekend course.

Price: 150 000 Ft


Köszönjük az üzeneted:)


Here You can write to us if You would like to be registered for one of our classes or if You have a question.

Élj harmóniában Yoga Studio


phone number: +36 30 725 75 41

Adress: Budapest 1068 Benczúr street 12. II/6 

If You come by public transport:

- To the Kodály Körönd station with bus 105 or Metro line 1, from there 2 minutes walk

- To the Lövölde square station with 70, 78 trolley buses, from there 2 minutes walk

- To the Kiraly street or Oktogon station with 4, 6 trams, from there 8-10 minutes walk

If You come by car You will always find parking space.

You are welcome:)

Kati and Purusa

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